Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Video Fun!

I thought that these videos might help to put a tune to the words which we have printed in Our Music Makers Songs post.

This first video is the Welcome Song.

This next video is our What do we do when we come to sing?

This last video is our Good-bye Song!

I hope that this is helpful. I did sing some of the lyrics incorrectly, but that is how I sing it sometimes, so that is what works, right? I would love to here if your songs are sung to a different tune. Send me a video and I can post it.


Andrew and Marie Harris said...

Good singing, you are so beautiful! The songs sound great. We sing our Welcome song different and we have a song we sing for circle time. I will have to make a video and send it to you.

Kathleen said...

Paul just watched all those (a few times each). I think someone is excited for music makers to start!

The Singer Family said...

It's fun to see your smiley face again Jeanette! Music makers has started it 3rd successful year here in CT--I appreciate the movement ideas shared now too, that's the area everyone seems most nervous to help with!
Miss ya!

Jenny said...

I love you Jeanette! Music Makers is such an awesome program!!! We miss you and your family around here...

Unknown said...

Oh, cool, glad I found this! I was wondering....hehe.