Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Body - Fingerplays

Head to Toe

Wiggle fast; then wiggle slow.
Let's learn about the body-from head to toe!

One Fine Face

I've got 2 EYES
So I can see.
I've got 2 EARS
To listen to what you say to me.
I've a MOUTH
So I can speak.
I've got a CHEEK right here.
And here I've got another CHEEK.
I've got a NOSE, a little NOSE
So I can smell.
I've got a CHIN
But what a CHIN does I just can't tell.
and CHIN.
Each in its place
and they're all part of one fine face.

Blink Your Eyes

Blink your eyes,
Blow a kiss with your lips,
Move your shoulder,
Put your hands on your hips,
Wiggle your bottom,
And wiggle your toes,
Touch your ear,
And touch your toes.

Put Your Arms

Put your arms up high, high, high,
Put your arms down low.
Make your arms go stiff, stiff,
Now you let them go.

Swing your arms back and forth,
Swing them just like that.
Make your arms go around and around,
Now your arms are flat.

Touch Your Nose

Touch your nose,
Touch your chin;
That's the way this game begins.
Touch you eyes,
Touch your knees;
Now pretend you're going to sneeze.
Touch your hair,
Touch one ear;
Touch your two red lips right here,
Touch your elbows
Where they bend;
That's the way this touch game ends.

It's Me Again!

Here are my ears.
Here is my nose.
Here are my fingers.
Here are my toes.
Here are my eyes,
Both open wide.
Here is my mouth
With white teeth inside.
Here is my tongue
That helps me speak.
Here is my chin,
And here are my cheeks.
Here are my hands
That help my play.
Here are my feet
For walking today.

Eye Winker

Eye Winker, (Point to eyes.)
Tom Tinker , (Point to ears.)
Nose Smeller , (Point to nose.)
Mouth Eater, (Point to mouth.)
Chin Chopper, (Tap chin.)
Chin Chopper, Chin Chopper,
Chin Chopper, Chin.


Fingers, fingers, everywhere (Suit action to words.)
Fingers blinking in the air.
Fingers making little holes.
Fingers tying little bows.
Fingers learning to button & snap.
Fingers on hands that like to clap.


Fingers like to wiggle waggle,
Wiggle waggle, wiggle waggle,
Fingers like to wiggle waggle
On your head!

...your knee, your toe, your nose, ect.

Hands On Shoulders

Hands on shoulders, hands on knees,
Hands behind you if you please.
Touch your shoulders, now your nose,
Now your chin and now your toes.
Hands up high in the air,
Down at your sides and touch your hair.
Hands up high as before,
Now clap your hands--one, two, three, four.


Here are my fingers and here is my nose.
Here are my ears, and here are my toes.
Here are my eyes that open wide.
Here is my mouth with my white teeth inside.
Here is my pink tongue that helps me speak.
Here are my shoulders and here is my cheek.
Here are my hands that help me play.
Here are my feet that go walking each day.

My Wiggles

I wiggle my fingers,
I wiggle my toes.
I wiggle my shoulders,
I wiggle my nose.
Now the wiggles are out of me,
And I'm just as still as can be.

Ten Little Fingers

I have ten fingers and they all belong to me (hold hands up)
I can make them do things Would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight (form fist)
Or open them wide (hold fingers out)
I can put them together or make them all hide (Close both fists)
I can make them jump high (put hands over head)
I can make them go low (put hands down)
I can fold them quietly and hold them just so (put hands in lap)

What's on a Face?

Here's a face, Now let's begin
It has two ears, a nose and chin.
A mouth, two eyes, with a bushy brow
What's on a face? We all know now!

Right Hand, Left Hand

This is my right hand (raise hand)
I raise it up high (lift up over head)
This is my left hand (raise hand)
I touch the sky (lift up over head)
Right hand, left hand (raise one then other)

Roll them round and round (Roll hands)
Right hand, left hand (raise one then other)
Let's all sit down (sit down)

My Head

This is the circle that is my head
(make large circle with both hands)
This is my mouth with which words are said
(point to mouth)
These are my eyes with which I see
(point to eyes)
This is my nose that's a part of me
(point to nose)
This is the hair that grows on my head
(point to hair)
And this is my hat all pretty and red
(place hands on head, fingers pointing up and touching)

I Have Two Eyes

I have two eyes to see with,
I have two feet to run,
I have two hands to wave with,
And nose I have but one.
I have two ears to hear with,
And a tongue to say "Good day".

Open, Shut Them

Open, shut them, Open, shut them,
Give a little clap.
Open, shut them, Open, shut them,
Put them in you lap.
Creep them, creep them, creep them, creep them,
Right up to your chin, chin, chin
(Open wide your little mouth, hesitate)
But do not put them in.

Point to the Right
Use both arms to point for all the movements.

Point to the right of me.
Point to the left of me.
Point up above me.
Point down below.
Right, left, up.
(Increase speed in pointing)
And down so slow.
(Decrease speed).

Pat Your...

Pat your head, pat, pat, pat
Pat my head, pat, pat, pat
Where's your tummy? Pat, pat, pat
Where's my tummy? Pat, pat, pat
Pat your head, pat, pat, pat
Pat my head, pat, pat, pat.

Pat your head, pat, pat, pat
Pat my head, pat, pat, pat
Where's your knee? Pat, pat, pat
Where's my knee? Pat, pat, pat
Pat your head, pat, pat, pat
Pat my head, pat, pat, pat.

Knees up

Knees up, Mary Muffet.
Knees up, Mary Brown.
Knees up, Mary Macaroni.
Take your mommy's hand, Oh!

Toes up...
Fingers up...
Arms up...
Head up...


When I was a little kid
little kid, little kid
When I was a little kid
I could jump like this.

repeat with dance, sway, rock, bend, kick, ect.

I'm Being Eaten...

I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor,
a boa constrictor, a boa constrictor,
I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor
and I don't know what to do:
Oh no, he's got my toe!
Oh gee, he's got my knee!
Oh my, he's got my thigh!
Oh yip, he's got my hip!
Make haste, he's got my waist!
Be calm, he's got my arm!
That bum, he's got my thumb!
Oh yes, he's got my chest!
Oh heck, he's got my neck!
Oh dread, he's got my head!

Brow Binker
tap on child's face

Brow Binker,
Eye Winker,
Cheek Cherry,
Mouth Merry,
Nose Nippy,
Chin Choppy.
Gully, gully gullly.

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The Singer Family said...

thanks for the new body part songs Jeanette! We've had another great MM year and I was thinking that come fall I need to add a new theme in--this will be great! Hope you guys are well!