Thursday, April 23, 2009

Food Fingerplays

Five Little Hotdogs

Five little hotdogs frying in the pan,
the grease got hot and one went BAM!

Four little, three little, two little, one little

NO little hotdoge frying in the pan,
the grease got hot and the pan went BAM!

Five Fat Peas

Five fat peas in a pea pod pressed
(hold hand in a fist)
One grew, two grew, so did all the rest.
They grew and grew
and did not stop,
Until one day
the pod went POP!
(clap hands)

The Food Chant

Apples on a tree
Apples on a tree
Pick them off
Eat them up
Apples on a tree

Carrots in the ground
Carrots in the ground
Pull them up
wash them off
Carrots in the ground

Food in your tummy
Food in your tummy
Lick your lips
Mmm Mmm Mmm
Yum yum yummy

Five Cookies

Five little cookies in the bakery shop.
Shining bright with the sugar on top.
Along comes _________ with a nickel to pay.
He/She buys a cookie and takes it away.
(continue with four, three, two and one.)

Donut Shop

Down on the corner in the Donut Shop
There were (Number of children in the class) little donuts with sugar on top.
Along came (child) with the penny to pay and
he/she took the (color) donut and ran away!
Then we count the remaining donuts and start again.

Ten Red Apples

(Both hands high) Ten red apples grow on a tree
(Dangle one hand and then the other) Five for you and five for me.
(Shake body) Let us shake the tree just so
(Hands fall) And ten red apples will fall below
(Count ea. finger) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.


You put the oil in the pot and you let it get hot
You put the popcorn in and you start to grin.
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle

Ice Cream

I scream,
You scream
We all scream
For ice cream!

I Eat

I eat apples-
crunch, crunch, crunch
I eat sandwiches-
munch, munch, munch
I eat lollipops-
lick, lick, lick
But I eat ice cream
quick, quick, quick!

Patty Cake

Patty cake patty cake,
Bakers man
Bake me a cake as fast as you can.
Roll it
Pat it
Mark it with a E
And put it in the oven for everybody!

Five Red Apples

Five red apples hanging in a tree (Hold up five fingers)
The juiciest apples you ever did see.
The wind came by and gave an angry frown (Fingers flutter downward)
And one little apple came tumbling down (One finger falls)
Four red apples, hanging in a tree, etc.

I Like to Eat!

I like hotdogs
I like beans,
I like eating in my jeans.
I like french fries
I like ham
I like eating in my jams.
I like cookies
I like pie
I like eating in my tie.
I like bagels
I like lox
I like eating in my socks.
I like pancakes
I like molasses
I like eating in my glasses.
I like veggies
I like fruit
I like eating in my boots.

My Garden

This is my garden;
(extend one hand forward, palm up)
I'll rake it with care,
(make raking motion on palm with other hand)
And then some flower seeds, I'll plant
(planting motion)
The sun will shine
(make circle with hands)
And the rain will fall,
(let fingers flutter down to lap)
And my garden will blossom
(cup hands together, extend upward slowly)
And grow straight and tall.


Mix a pancake,
Stir a pancake,
Pop it in the pan;
Fry a pancake,
Toss a pancake,
Catch it if you can!


One potato, two potato,
Three potato, four;
I like mashed potato,
May I please have some more?

Other verses:
I like potato chips,
I like roast potatoes,
I like potato cakes,...

One, One Cinnamon Bun

One, one
Cinnamon bun
Two, two
Chicken stew
Three, three
Cakes and tea
Five, five
Honey in a hive
Seven, seven
Straight from heaven
Eight, eight
Clean our plate
Nine, nine
Look at mine
Ten, ten
Start over again!


Courtney said...

Hey, I just found your blog, it's great. Right now I am participating in a music makers group. I am moving soon and am interested in starting up a group. Right now we have music that goes along with some of the songs- do you have that? Where would I get it from.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome! my kids love these songs!!!