Thursday, September 24, 2009

Movement for Halloween

I have used several songs from this great CD for movement (as well as finger plays and songs).

Here is a list of my favorites for Movement.

Halloween, Halloween We use this for Marching

Spooky Loo This is like the Hokey Pokey

Fly Little Bats Here we have the children act out the animal and creatures actions.

The Ghost Go Flying I have taken Dumm Dumms and rapped them in a tissue to look like ghosts. We then get a big sheet/blanket/ parachute and bounce the ghosts to the song. On the last week we give each of the children a ghost sucker to take home.

Halloween Night Have the children walk around in a circle and act out the actions.

Halloween Candy Another great marching song.

Monster Mash-Bobby Pickett

You can do a number of things with this song. Following the leader, free dance, and instructional movement.

We also let the children and adults if they feel so inclined dress up for the last Thursday in the month and have a Halloween parade.

Please share any Halloween songs that you have used or think might work great for movement.


Kathleen said...

I've cut out 20+ pumpkins (added faces) and played a "cake" walk type game to music. Turn off the music, tell the kids to find a pumpkin.

Heidi said...

I cannot believe I found this site! I am in Texas doing Music Makers, from a friend in Colorado. This is such a HUGE help! Thank you so much for posting these great ideas. :) I will keep checking this blog. Heidi

Anonymous said...
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