Thursday, September 4, 2008

Transportation Finger Plays

September Finger Plays

Piece of Tin
I'm a little piece of tin
Nobody knows what shape I'm in
I’ve got four wheels and a running board
I’m not a Chevy or a Ford
(pull earlobe)Honk, honk,
(shake head back & forth quickly) rattle, rattle, rattle,
(hit chin w/ heal of hand) crash,
(hit nose w/ your fingers) beep, beep
Honk, honk, rattle, rattle, rattle, crash, beep, beep

Red Light
Red on top, green below
Red says stop, green says go
Yellow says wait even if you're late

My Bike
One wheel, two wheels on the ground
My feet make the peddles go round and round
Handle bars help me steer so straight
Down the side walk and out the gate

I’m a Little Airplane(tune: I’m a little teapot)
I’m a little airplane
(children raise arms at sides to shoulder height)
Now watch me fly!
(They spin one of their arms in front of them as if it were a propeller)
Here are my instruments
From down low to high.
(w/ their other arm, they reach from the ground to above their heads)
First I get revved up
(children make engine noises while still spinning their arms)
Then I can Fly.
(children raise arms to shoulder height)
Lifting off the runway
(lift arms higher)
Up to the sky!
(point arms up towards sky).

Choo Choo the Big Train
Choo Choo the big train is coming down the track . . . CHOO CHOO
Choo Choo the big train is coming down the track . . . CHOO CHOO
Stop, Look and Listen (do hand motions)
Stop, Look and Listen (do hand motions)

(do again with the Happy train, Sad train Small train, Silly train)

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C J Williamson said...

It would be fun to see how far around the country or even the world that Music Makers has spread! I know it was started by my friend Janet Lightheart and some friends of hers from church in Vacaville, CA, sometime around 1995? I started with my kids in 1997 and am still doing it with my 2 year old, seventeen years later! We are in Calvert County, Maryland. Thanks for putting this resource on the web for everyone to access! I see some old favorites and new ones as well:)