Thursday, September 24, 2009

Movement for Halloween

I have used several songs from this great CD for movement (as well as finger plays and songs).

Here is a list of my favorites for Movement.

Halloween, Halloween We use this for Marching

Spooky Loo This is like the Hokey Pokey

Fly Little Bats Here we have the children act out the animal and creatures actions.

The Ghost Go Flying I have taken Dumm Dumms and rapped them in a tissue to look like ghosts. We then get a big sheet/blanket/ parachute and bounce the ghosts to the song. On the last week we give each of the children a ghost sucker to take home.

Halloween Night Have the children walk around in a circle and act out the actions.

Halloween Candy Another great marching song.

Monster Mash-Bobby Pickett

You can do a number of things with this song. Following the leader, free dance, and instructional movement.

We also let the children and adults if they feel so inclined dress up for the last Thursday in the month and have a Halloween parade.

Please share any Halloween songs that you have used or think might work great for movement.

Friday, September 18, 2009


We are going to post some of our favorite books, and in turn would love your favorite children's books for story time. You know the ones that captivate and engage the children. We will add new books often as our themes change. We thought this would be useful so when you go to the library you can have a list of tried and true.
Click on the picture for a link to amazon. Some of these books will be at your library, if they are not you can always request them. My brother-in-law illustrated this first book, every time I read it, it quickly becomes one of the children's and adult's favorites.

20 Hungry Piggies- By Trudy Harris
A number book that plays off of the three little piggies and "this little piggy went to market".
The illustration is fun and colorful with cleverly hidden images.
Knick Knack Paddywhack- by Paul O. Zelinsky
Another number book that is sing-song. This is a pop-up book that is great for story time.

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea- by Valeria Petrone
An adventure story that shows children the wonder of using their imaginations.
Starry Safari-by Jeff Mack
Another colorful adventure book showing children the excitement of using their imagination.

The Great Stroller Adventure- by Denis Markell
If it isn't obvious my kids love going on imagination adventures,
this is another well loved book in my home and music makers.
My Many Colored Days-by Dr. Seuss
This is a whimsical colorful book about feelings,
and unlike other Seuss books, it is a quick read.

How Big is a Pig?- by Clare Beaton

This beautifully crafted book teaches children about farm animals and opposites as the pig takes you through the story to the final spread where the answer is final told.

These are just a limited few, PLEASE comment with your all time favorite books for story time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Video Fun!

I thought that these videos might help to put a tune to the words which we have printed in Our Music Makers Songs post.

This first video is the Welcome Song.

This next video is our What do we do when we come to sing?

This last video is our Good-bye Song!

I hope that this is helpful. I did sing some of the lyrics incorrectly, but that is how I sing it sometimes, so that is what works, right? I would love to here if your songs are sung to a different tune. Send me a video and I can post it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Favorites- songs for Movement

Marching Feet (for marching time) - Brite Music, Watch Me Sing
See Me Run - Brite Music, Watch Me Sing
Just follow the instructions in the song. The kids love this song. Some people use this every week the whole year long to help the kids get their wiggles out.

The Goldfish (Let's go swimming) - Laurie Berkner, Victor Vito We love to imagine we are fish and dance and move around to the ques of the music.

Let's go Fly a Kite- Marry Poppins Sountrack,

For this song you can assemble recycled grocery bags with a string and make kites. The kids love these kites!

Here are some more great ideas from our readers:

playing following the leader to the peter pan song, and freeze dancing (freeze when the music stops) Thanks "me" in FL

from The Singer family: There are also some good ones from Greg and Steve: We All Live Together, Volume 5 CD (we like A Walking We will Go and Get up and Go) you follow the actions!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Year, New Posts- Music & Books

As we start out the new school year we would like to do new posts on some of our favorite kids movement cd's or songs, and some favorite books that go along with the themes. As part of this effort to add to our youngsters experience, and all of our efforts to make things run smoothly, we would like your suggestions/favorites as well.