Friday, January 22, 2010

Love & Family

February is all about Love & Family!

Here is a link to love and family fingerplays and songs .

Remember these cute valentine felt cookies for the '5 pretty valentines' fingerplay ... they're so easy to make and the kids love them!
Here are a few fun ideas for Marching & Movement:

Cut out a bunch of large paper hearts, spread them out and let the kids dance to music and find a heart when the music stops. A great song for this is Charlotte Diamond, "four hugs a day". Here is a free download of the song.

Another fantastic song is, "I had a friend" by Laurie Berkner, on her Buzz, Buzz album. Buy it on Amazon for $.99!

For singing time, remember you can download songs for free on There are a ton of great primary songs that are about love & family.

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