Monday, September 22, 2008

Favorites Fingerplays

Wiggly Zoo

Clap hands, one, two
Let’s take a walk to the wiggly zoo
Pitter, patter, yackity, yack
When you talk to the animals
They talk back

3 Little Monkeys

3 little monkeys swinging in the tree
(3 fingers swinging in air)
teasing Mr. Alligator
You can’t catch me, no you can’t catch me(shake head)
Along comes Mr. Alligator quiet as can be
(make alligator with hands and have them swim)
SNAP! That monkey right out of that tree
(clap hands)

Continue counting down to 0


I put my hands together,
This is how I start.
I curve my fingers right around,
And I can make a heart!

Open Shut them

Open shut them, open shut them
Give a little clap.
Open shut them, open shut them
Fold them in your lap.

Creep them, creep them
Creep them, creep them
Right up to your chin
Open wide your little mouth
But do not let them in.

Funny Bunny

Here is a bunny, with ears so funny
And here is a hole in the ground
When a noise he hears
He pricks up his ears
And jumps threw the hole in the ground.

Hands on your hips

Hands on your hips,
Hands on your knees,
Hands behind you if you please!
Touch your shoulders,
Touch your nose,
Touch your hair,
Touch your toes!


1,2,3(hold up fingers)
There is a bug on me!(point to a body part)
Where did it go? (brush it off)
I don’t know.(shrug shoulders and look puzzled)

Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands

Clap, clap, clap your hands
As slowly as you can.
Clap, clap, clap your hands
As quickly as you can.

(Repeat with other actions like
shake your hands, roll your hands,
pound your fist, wiggle your fingers,
rub your hands, etc.)

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