Sunday, May 16, 2010


here's a quick tutorial on how to make some fun little caterpillars. The kids loved filling them up with fruit loops and then gobbling them up! This is great for our insect theme.

What you'll need:

*note: I used craft glue for the eyes and antenna and hot glue for attaching the head to the body. Also find the center of the pom pom and put the glue deep in there before pushing the pipe cleaner on, it helps keep them together.
p.s. I jut noticed I spelled antenna wrong on all the photos, I'll fix it tomorrow...woops:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Food on the Move

Here's some ideas and songs for Food marching and movement:

make a pizza pie to Charlotte Diamonds "I am a Pizza". Just lay out a parachute and have the children sit around it. Give each child a handful of pizza toppings and let them decorate the pizza in front of them. At the end of the song when it talks about "I am a pizza dropped on the I am a mess" let the kids make a mess of the pizza.

I made these simple pizza toppings out of construction paper. To make start by stapling two pieces of paper almost closed, then stuff with tissue paper, and staple all the way shut.

If you bought the Halloween Wee Sing Cd, there is a fun popcorn ball song on it. Or use the church's popcorn song. There is another fun version of the primary song here. This would be a great alternative to the pizza, with white ping pong balls or sock balls on the parachute.

Laurie Berkner has a TON of food songs, here's some ideas:

The Pretzel Store Make a pretzel store out of cardboard (or just designate an area in the gym). Have a bowl of pretzels in the store. In the song the pretzels fly away,swam away, and gallop away. At the end they sing "I love pretzels" this would be a good time to let the kids take a pretzel and eat one!

The Cookie Bakers of the Night Dim the lights, have the kids sit in a circle and sit in the middle of the circle with a flashlight. When the song talks about hiding have the kids try to duck under your light. Follow the song, mix them, taste it, shape them, roll them, cut them. A fun idea would be to have the moms be the bakers and the children be the dough. Have fun mixing, rolling and shaping your kids:). Then let your kids jump around!

Fruit Salad Salsa

This song has tons of good instructions for the kids. Stand in a circle and let the kids shake shake shake and move in and out.

Ice Cream Cone

have different colored "ice cream" balls in different corners of the gym. Let the kids run and get the flavor that the song is talking about and pretend to eat it!

Do a Hug Sandwich

Sung to: "I'm a Little Teapot"Gather children in a circle with two children in the middle.

I'm the peanut butter,(first child points to their chest)

I'm the jam,(second child points to their chest)

We stick together When we can.(children hug each other)

Bread will gently squeeze us,(outside circle of children gently hugs the two in the middle)

Squish, squish, squish,We make a yummy Hug sandwich!

Move Your Body!

I have not yet used this theme, but am looking forward to a fun month of finger plays, songs, and movement. Here are a few song suggestions to move to.

Janeen Brady's Watch Me Sing album contains a few great body movement songs.

Of course the Marching Feet song is perfect for Marching.

See Me Run is always a fun way to move that body.

Eyes Were Made For Seeing, I Wiggle My Torso, and I Have Ten Toes are great body awareness songs.

Laurie Berkner also has a few fun songs to move our wonderful bodies to.

Song In My Tummy is a fun action song about different body parts having a song.

I Really Love to Dance is a fun dancing song.

Bring Your Clothes is an action song where you can move your body with the instructions of the song.

Here are a few other songs by other artists.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is always a fun body challenge.

Anna Banana is a song of counting, clapping and doing the splits.

Here is a link to some creative ways to get the kids to interact.

If you have any great ideas or success please share. Enjoy moving your bodies with your kids this month!