Sunday, May 2, 2010

Move Your Body!

I have not yet used this theme, but am looking forward to a fun month of finger plays, songs, and movement. Here are a few song suggestions to move to.

Janeen Brady's Watch Me Sing album contains a few great body movement songs.

Of course the Marching Feet song is perfect for Marching.

See Me Run is always a fun way to move that body.

Eyes Were Made For Seeing, I Wiggle My Torso, and I Have Ten Toes are great body awareness songs.

Laurie Berkner also has a few fun songs to move our wonderful bodies to.

Song In My Tummy is a fun action song about different body parts having a song.

I Really Love to Dance is a fun dancing song.

Bring Your Clothes is an action song where you can move your body with the instructions of the song.

Here are a few other songs by other artists.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is always a fun body challenge.

Anna Banana is a song of counting, clapping and doing the splits.

Here is a link to some creative ways to get the kids to interact.

If you have any great ideas or success please share. Enjoy moving your bodies with your kids this month!


April said...

One of my online music resources is Nancy Stewart, and one of her songs is "When I Hear the Music". I use this for body movement, it's a favorite!

Kathleen said...

Thank you April! I'm gonna download a ton of her music. It looks like a lot of fun for our music maker kids:)