Monday, July 14, 2008

What is Music Makers

The following is what we print up and hand out at the beginning of each year.


We hope that you will join us for “Music Makers” – a fun (and free!) Preschool program geared toward teaching children through music. We meet every Monday from 10:00 to 11:00. Every week we gather to sing, learn finger plays, march in a band, dance to music and listen to stories – and we have a good time doing it! Here are a few guidelines that are helpful for the program:

Children of all ages are welcome at Music Makers, but we do ask that a parent be with them at all times. It is a great Mommy (or Daddy) and me type program. We would like for the children to sit in the small chairs in the front row and for you to sit directly behind them. We feel that this will allow for maximum parent-child involvement and will enable parents to deal with any disruptions quickly and quietly.

We like to think that Music Makers is all about having fun WITH our children. Small children (like adults) are often hesitant about participating, so please jump right in and show your children what fun it can be to sing and dance! If your child is a little unsure about singing the “Hello Song”, please sing “hello” with them until they grow a little more confident and can do it by themselves!

As much as we enjoy visiting with friends we seldom get a chance to see, please help us remember that Music Makers is all about the children. It is hard for them to learn, and hard for their teachers to teach them when the adults are busy visiting. If you like chatting, we’d love to have you come early or stay late to help set up or clean up! Thanks!
There are lots of ways that you can help out at Music Makers! Let us know if you play the piano and remember to sign up so you can be a part of the teaching! We also need parents to sign up to bring the monthly treats. Finally, please have your child bring his or her puppet each week.
Here is another form that breaks down the outline of the program:
Music Makers

(5-15 min)/ Nursery Room, sectioned off part of gym, foyer
*Hello Song
*What do we do when we come to sing?
*La La Song (with puppets)
*Finger Plays

Singing Time:
(7-15 min)/ Primary room
*songs related to theme

Marching and Movement:
(7-15 min)/ gym, hallway, foyer
*March and play instruments
*Movement songs
*Rhythm activities
*Activities that get the kids moving or listening to music
(i.e. Hokey Pokey, Chicken dance, bubbles, etc.)

Story Time:
(5-10 min)/ Nursery Room, outside, sectioned off part of gym
*Sit in circle and listen to story related to theme
*Goodbye song

September Careers / Favorites/ Transportation
October Fall/Halloween
November Fall/Thanksgiving
December Christmas
January Animals
February Love/Family
March Weather
April Insects or Spring/Easter
May Food/ Body
June/July/August No music makers

Please remember to have your child bring a puppet for the La La Song!

Thank You for your participation – we look forward to singing and dancing with your kids!
Here is the final Handout. This is for those great mothers who are willing to volunteer. A break down of what they are responsible for.
Music Makers

*would be great to have a piano player
*everyone brings a puppet (instrument if they want)
SET UP - Big Chairs with little chairs in front in a U shape

INTRO 5-15 min (SET UP- Carpet squares if available in a circle.)
Welcome to music makers – each child’s welcome name
What do we do when we come to sing
La La song – warm up voices –puppets _put away_(bomb box)

2-7 finger plays – along with monthly theme

5-7 songs per month – sing shorter ones twice through, longer or repetitive songs just once
*clap after each song! Helps kids transition to next song
*makes copies for everyone so they can sing with their kids at home!

CLEAN UP - Stack chairs - everyone lines up to go to gym
*mom in charge of marching leaves to set up during clean up

MARCHING – (bombox for music)
One song – “marching feet” Wee Sing
Or could do theme related marching song (kids sing) Ants go marching/Mickey Mouse
CLEAN UP - instruments

MOVEMENT – 3-4 songs - “see me run” “rocking and rolling” “ring around the rossies” “parachute with balls” “hokey pokey” “classical music w/bubbles” “rubber ducky” “do as I’m doing” “following the leader” “animal songs” “chicken dance” “going on a bear hunt”– any movement songs
*rejoin after each song in a circle/line/etc.
*one mom in charge of Marching/Movement

STORY TIME – 1 to 2 short picture books
*could be to theme – could do cut out/felt boards
SNACK – at end of month – to do with themes

VOLUNTEERS – moms #1-3 are for entire month
*mom #1 – intro & finger plays
*mom #2 – singing
*mom #3 – marching/movement
*story time – new mom each week


Marianne said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! This is WONDERFUL. I had actually been considering starting a program here, but I just wasn't sure I had enough energy to do it, but with all of these great things already outlined it should be no problem! Thank you!

Lisa Maloney said...

We have been doing this exact program in Arizona for the last 8 years. Where did it originate for you? We are so curious.

Courtney said...

THANK YOU! We are getting ready to start this in the San Diego area!!

The Widdisons said...

Thank you SO MUCH!! I am hoping to get this program started in Kansas City!! Is there a book or references I can use? Your site is great!

Lisa said...

We've been doing Music Makers for five years here in Calvert County, Maryland. I just discovered this blog that will be SO helpful for the Moms to plan. Thanks!

John said...

I discovered music makers 2 years ago. and loved it! when I moved to a different state I brought it with me and started it her. It has gotten such a great response. thank you for all the info and ideas!

Leanna said...

Music Makers has been ongoing in College Station TX for 10 years. I was told the girl who began it here was it's originator but I'm not sure...maybe she got it from someone else....she has since moved away. Regardless, I thank whoever came up with the idea and hope it spreads!

SharlieZPhotography said...

Thank you for this! We have been looking for an outline everywhere. Do you think you could explain what songs/ lyrics/actions you use for these three?
*Hello Song
*What do we do when we come to sing?
*La La Song (with puppets)

Thank you!!

Snow said...

Where do you meet in college station.

HW said...

Just a comment about Music Makers history and longevity: I am thinking about doing Music Makers again with my second set of little kids. I did it with my older kids in Texas in the early 2000's, and we participated once in what I believe was the original group in the late 1990's in Vacaville, CA. Thanks for posting it all here so I could remember!