Saturday, May 2, 2009

Summer Music Makers= My two cents

In years past participants have loved and wanted to continue Music Makers through the summer months. I have had friends take it on, and some that would like to this year. So I will post two other themes that have been used and are fun for reference. If you are considering continuing, I would consult your group to find out if there is interest. I would also find out if those interested are willing to participate so you are not a one man show(this can be very exhausting).

For some of the people who have attempted summer months they have found it a little discouraging as people are on vacation, or want to spend time at the pool, or just need a break so that they can look forward to it in the fall(absence make the heart grow fonder). So with all those factors, #'s can be few, and the time you take out of your day then feels wasted.

If you have a successful summer session please share your experiences with the rest of us.


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